Selected Works
Personal Favorites (Series)
Selection of the Photographer's Favorites
Photofriday (Series)
Submissions to the Photofriday Challenge
About Text (Series)
Messages All Around
Digital Compositions (Series)
The Other Kind Of Images
Digital Paintings (Series)
The Clean and Simple Way
On A Plate Canvas
Otherland (Series)
Invitations to Otherland
Spurensuche (Series)
Continued Explorations
Dark Ring (Series)
And in the darkness bind them
Tomagine Revised (Series)
Rework in Progress
Travels to Other Spaces
Street: Environment (Series)
Take A Look
Street: People (Series)
Crossing My Way
Yet Another Year (Series)
Self Portraits
Plants (Series)
Colors and Forms
Animals (Series)
Life Around Us
Lost Vision (Series)
The World Out Of Focus
Unplugged (Series)
The 'almost unprocessed' Series
Clouds (Series)
Above in the Sky
Growing Up - IV. (Series)
Hi, my Name is Yara
Growing Up - III. (Series)
Hi, my Name is Lenia
Growing Up - II. (Series)
Growing Up (Series)
Hi, my Name is Vivian
The Street Art Festival (Series)
Twenty Four (Series)
Somewhere in Austria
Signs Of Time (Series)
Worn Out
Colors of Autumn (Series)
Quiet Moments (Series)
Stille finden
Sometimes I feel like (Series)
Wasteland (Series)
Thinking of you (Series)
Arachnophobia (Series)
Hidden Beauty
The Parade (Series)
Carneval in the City
Winter in the City (Series)
Cold Out There
Tributes To Music (Series)
Lyrics Interpretations
M.M. (Series)
City Walking (Series)
Saturday Morning in Downtown
Prime Colors (Series)
RGB / Red Green Blue
@Home (Series)
Daily Things
Autumn Days (Series)
Impressions from Graz, Austria
Summertime (Series)
Impressions from Istria, Croatia
Wiesn (Series)
Oktoberfest 2004
Nanu? (Series)
New At Home
Shades Of Grey (Series)
A Tribute To Autumn Days

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