2013/03/26Moved to a new (self administrated) server.
2009/10/21Daily service terminated.
2009/10/02Thanx for 2.000.000 visits!
2009/02/23Due to the upgrade the navigations in the archive were broken. Fixed them.
2009/02/17Due to a hosting upgrade for PHP5/mySQL5 www.tomagine.com was down for a few days. I'll hope everything is up and working again as usual.

BTW: Spambots sucks. Even if their automatic comments won't show up due to the moderation system, it's really, really annoying to delete thousands of comments a day. Maybe I should disable comments completely for a while ...
2008/08/29Thanx for 1.500.000 visits! ... at least from search bots ;)
2008/06/17The eleventh 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Thanx for voting!
2008/06/05Just for the record (2001/10 until now):

1613 folders / 56.867 files / 107 GB (originals and processings)
2008/04/14The times for ideas are back. I don't know what took me so long, but finally on May 31st I'll quit my job and start to realize some of them.
2008/04/02Bought a Canon 40d today. I'll think we'll become friends quite fast.
2008/03/28After 50.000 shots the shutter of my Canon 10d died recently. Since repairing it is quite costly (around 400 Euro), I think I'll use Canon's latest cashback campaign to replace the body with a 40d, complement it with a EF-S 10-22mm wide angle lens and possibly with a Tamron 90mm macro lens.
2008/02/11The situation hasn't changed. There is too much job related stuff going on which occupies almost my complete spare time, so I cannot keep up with my own image standards.
2007/11/16How to get the most out of an image if there is on average 15 minutes processing time available? The posted images of the last few weeks demonstrates my results. Actually I'm quite pissed off. It feels like creative assembly line work.
2007/10/19New registrations at:
2007/08/04I'm away until 14.8. to capture a few images in Stockholm.
2007/03/28Due to the heavy workload of my regular job there is almost no time left to maintain this photoblog. To keep it up running I'll try to post more straight shots than processings.
2006/12/12The tenth 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Thanx for voting!
2006/12/08Today Tomagine.com got added to the Photoblog.org's Hall of Fame. Thanx :)
2006/11/28The ninth 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Thanx for voting!
2006/11/10From 12.11. until 17.11. I'm away for a business trip to Dortmund.
2006/08/28Sooner or later everyone stumbles over a creativity blockade. I can't tell if it lasts long, but yet the outcome of my postprocessings simply sucks.
2006/08/22The eighth 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Thanx for voting!
2006/08/05Summertime and the living is easy ... Starting tomorrow I'm away for a week to catch some pictures in Rome.
2006/07/20I've replaced the www.junkeater.com spam protection of the guestbook with an own implementation. Now there shouldn't be any loading delay anymore.
2006/07/18The seventh 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Thanx for voting!
2006/07/13The guestbook and the comment system are back online again. Now comments are enqueued and not visible to other visitors until I've read them (normally once or twice a day).

The index page got redesigned for a second time.
2006/07/12Redesign of about, links and news page finished.
2006/07/11Redesign of the photoblog's archive page finished.
2006/07/07As next step in the redesign process the entry page got brushed up. If there are any problems with it, please inform me by mail.
2006/07/03Due the repeated abuse I've disabled the comment system and the guestbook.
2006/06/27Somehow I feel bored by the my website's design, but I've also no idea how a replacement should look like. Starting with July at least the presentation of images gets a little bit brushed up (not much of a change, just a little 3d effect, but I like it).
2006/06/13The sixth 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Thanx for voting!
2006/05/19Got a second blog entry at photoblogs.org today. Thanx :)
2006/04/10As a matter of time I'll discontinue posting paintings this month. Maybe there is more time next month, but don't count on it. For the time being I'll post more or less unprocessed snapshots.
2006/03/03Got a blog entry at photoblogs.org today. Thanx :)
2006/02/28The fifth 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Looks like a run. Thanx for voting!
2006/02/16Email addresses in comments gets not displayed anymore (beside my own email address).
2006/02/14The fourth 'noteworthy' for one of my images at the photofriday challenge. Thanx :)
2006/02/08The multiple-times-a-day guestbook spamming becomes quite annoying. Therefore I'm using now a free service from junkeater.com to filter them out (unless I'll find the spare time to implement it myself).

The rss2 feed contains now thumbs of the posted images. I think it's more useful this way, isn't it?
2006/01/19Due to the pen tablet the content of my photoblog will change a little bit. At least the first two weeks of february are now completely filled with digital paintings and the number of paintings is still rising ...
2005/12/20Santa Claus brought me an intuos3 pen tablet. Fine, fine, fine ...
2005/11/22The next 'noteworthy' image. This time it was really a surprise. Thanx :)
2005/11/03This month I won't have much time to spend on photography and retouching, because I'm busy finishing my informatics degree (finally after too many years). Nevertheless the photoblog queue is filled with enough images, but they are a little bit more 'lightweight' than usual.
2005/10/14Beside the guestbook all pages are now 'XHTML 1.0 strict' conform.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict

2005/10/11If someone wants to link to my website using just a small button here is one:


link code: <a href="http://www.tomagine.com"><img src="http://www.tomagine.com/button80x15.png" alt="www.tomagine.com" title="Tomagine Photography" style="border:0" /></a>
2005/09/06Again one of my images got chosen as 'noteworthy' by the visitors of the photo friday challenge. Thanx :)
2005/08/03Just to let you know: I will delete all guestbook entries which links to a pornsite.
2005/07/18Tomagine got the next 100.000 clicks. It feels good that my images are able to entertain you. Thanx for visiting :)
2005/06/16Against the informations from my provider the server replacement today started much too early to upload a "not available until" page. Sorry for that.
2005/05/19Finally I've managed to implement a first version of the comment system. Now there is a link below each image which will popup a comment window (requires enabled JavaScript). My thanx goes to Phil Ringnalda for his modified version of remotedotcomments, which was the initial base of my implementation.
2005/05/13Another month has passed and I begin to see the improvement in style and techniques and what's behind. The images gets better over time and I begin to miss a comment system. The question is, should I upgrade the host to MySQL support and a prebuilt blogging system like Movable Types or should I stay with my homebrew system? The comment functionality should be similiar to the one used at www.chromasia.com which doesn't distract visitors from the images itself. BTW: I've replaced the entry page by a randomly generated selection of thumbs. IMHO this is more 'useful' than the static version.
2005/04/13Just reached 100.000 clicks since 2004/09/24. Not bad. Thanx for visiting!
2005/03/16IMPORTANT NOTE: Some sites have started to use my images by directly linking to them instead of linking to the corresponding image page. Since this increases my network traffic heavily I was forced to prevent direct linking. From now on only thumbs will be delivered this way.
2005/03/15I've added an RSS2.0 feed of the photoblog accessible by the XML icon on the main entry page () or through http://www.tomagine.com/rss2.xml
2005/02/24I've changed the default color scheme to a more friendly one compared to the previous dark color scheme. And last but not least I've added a Links Page.
2005/02/22"Total clicks since 2004-09-24" counter installed on the website's entry page. I'm still thinking about a comment system which will not interfere with the image display, but I also hate popups. Sorrily there are not much other choices around I can think of.
2005/02/14Navigation modified. Now you can click left or right into an image to jump forward or backward in galleries or the photoblog. You can also click on the title or the copyright line on the bottom to jump to the site's entry page.
2005/02/05Got a new EF100-400L yesterday and today was one of these lovely winter days with deep blue sky above and snow everywhere. Lucky me :) The photoblog queue is filled and everything runs "within normal parameters" (to quote a technican). That's it.
2005/01/08The 100th photoblog entry released and still many images in the queue. Fine.
2004/12/07Bug in gallery script fixed: The next/previous links were invalid (backed out to main page) if an unreleased image was part of a series.
2004/12/02Since there were a few requests I've created some banners for link lists.

<a href="http://www.tomagine.com"<>img style="border:0" src="http://www.tomagine.com/banner200x40.jpg" alt="tomagine.com" title="Tomagine Photography" /></a>

<a href="http://www.tomagine.com"><img style="border:0" src="http://www.tomagine.com/banner300x40.jpg" alt="tomagine.com" title="Tomagine Photography" /></a>

<a href="http://www.tomagine.com"><img style="border:0" src="http://www.tomagine.com/banner468x60.jpg" alt="tomagine.com" title="Tomagine Photography" /></a>
2004/11/24The thumb image of the actual photoblog entry can now be retrieved using the following link:


This way it can be embedded in other websites. The maximum size of the thumb is 120x120 pixels.
2004/11/08Since there are too many pending files in the photoblog queue I have released the rest of gallery Wiesn (Series) directly.
2004/11/02The first month has passed and I'm quite pleased with the photoblog and the rest of the software. There are at least pictures for the next three weeks in the photoblog queue and much more are waiting to be run through my usual post processing steps. Fine. Only the lyrics are missing, but I'm not in the mood for writing yet.
2004/10/17Script for photoblog archive finished (view thumbs of a complete month). Below each image in the photoblog there is now a link to enter the archive.
2004/10/14Not much to say. The work behind the scenes is proceeding slowly, but nevertheless there is progress (btw, Mozilla Firefox 1.0RC and its understanding of CSS1/CSS2 drives me crazy). On the weekend the next version of the software should be ready to replace the actual working one. The photoblog queue is running low on daily images, so it's time for some creative work, too. Around 8000 images taken since July are waiting to be explored. I wonder if it is better to queue complete series in sequence or to queue them in a more random order. Get the photoblog boring with too much images from one event like the Oktoberfest?
2004/10/06Scripts restructured to get an uniform entry point. This way it's easier to plug in additional functions. And, last but not least, this news page gets dynamically generated now. No more HTML textfile editing :)
2004/10/04Scripts extended further (more functionality for the admin to play around). HTML and CSS successfully validated by validator.w3.org. I think the Photoblog needs some kind of quick navigation bar in the near future. Maybe a kind of calendar or gallery like overview pages for each week with thumbs. The inlined CSS sections should be unified to a single template to make style changes easier. I'm still thinking of a simple CMS for the "writings" section to get "normal" blog and comment functionalities.
2004/10/01Photoblog script finished. Now each day a new photo will become automatically available via www.tomagine.com/?photoblog. Due to the 'damn' load balancing of my provider, the first visitor each day may need an additional refresh to get the page loaded correctly. Sorry. The photoblog also demonstrates the per image configurable color schemes to adapt the presentation to the image content.

The photo which starts my photoblog is part of a new series taken on the first weekend of the Oktoberfest 2004 in Munich.
2004/09/30Complete reengineering of server scripts finished. Galleries and new images can now be added and configurated dynamically through an admin webinterface. No more HTML files editing by hand (beside this damn news page ;-) I'll hope the design is still okay (switched to HTML 4.01 DOCTYPE and html4/strict.dtd). Actually I'm testing only with Internet Explorer 6SP2. What's next? Replacing this news page by a dynamically generated one and implementing the photoblog feature (release a new image 'automagically' each day).
2004/09/26Second gallery Nanu? online. Bug in guestbook fixed.
2004/09/25I'm considering to use a PHP-based CMS, but for now I'll finish the first version with simply static pages ("content first"). Main entry page features now a menu. About page, News page, Galleries Overview and Guestbook added. I'm not pleased with the layout, but it should do it for the first version.
2004/09/24First gallery Shades Of Grey online. Almost everything is still missing.